Another 40 DIY Log Ideas Take Rustic Decor To Your Home

Every year we gather logs. Lots of logs. They come in varying widths, lengths, shapes and types of timber. We use these logs to keep us warm and dry throughout the long winter months. Logs are used for many purposes and in many ways. Often seen in log cabins and furniture they are a mainstay in our homes and lives. They can be used to decorate. Here are another 40 DIY log ideas that take rustic decor to your home.

Old branches can be scavenged and salvaged for much more than the campfire. Small branches can be used as a place to hang your coat or jewelry. Little logs can be formed into vases and planter that hold your favorite plants and flowers. Twigs are turned into fascinating wall art. End pieces become wall "paper" and flooring! Large ends lead the way down the garden path. Some even replace traditional place mats at this Thanksgiving table.

Hollowed out logs host chickadees for supper, hold Fido's dishes, bloom with an riot of color as a flower bed or even your favorite books! This bookshelf is one very clever idea! Stumps are reborn as simple night stands, side tables, and lamps. Smaller ones make great storage for pencils and paintbrushes. In groups they can be used for coffee tables, sink cabinets, loungers and these incredible stools you have to see to believe!

Cut in half lengthwise, logs become a gorgeous open stair case, tea light holders, and center pieces. Stumps are feature pieces in this garden. End pieces host an indoor herb garden. A hollowed out log is transformed into a music speaker and dock for an iPod! Stumps painted with glow in the dark paint create funky seats for around the campfire!

You gotta see these incredible creations made from simple logs. Check them out at 'Woo Home' or by following the link below.

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