An Elegant Horse Stable Downstairs, a Luxurious Condo Upstairs All in One Beautiful Structure

This unique Log Home 87 has all the features of a barn style home, built with logs. The rustic log home has a lean-to on the side of the structure the perfect place to store equipment. This log home looks to be a good size to live upstairs and have plenty of space below to store the horses and keep some farm equipment. It is nice to have everything in one space, so you don't have to go to a separate building to care for the horses.

On the Original Log Cabin Homes site, you will find a wide variety of log home and log cabin inspirations, with almost any log home you can imagine. From lodge style log homes to barn style log homes, log cabins to luxury log cabins and more. The company started in 1987 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, with the simple goal in mind of building the best log houses in the world.

So they took the traditional concepts of log home building and combined them with state-of-the-art technology and techniques in all of their log home designs, bringing together the best of old and new in a wide variety of comfortable, affordable, and beautiful log home designs. Their extensive selection of log homes includes something to match almost any budget and lifestyle, and their understanding of the possibilities of log home construction allows them to maximize the beauty, versatility, and energy efficiency of natural wood in each of our Original Log Cabin Homes.On this site, you will find whatever sort of log cabin you are looking for, in a wide variety of styles, sizes, designs and plans. On of the log home company's newest log cabin lines is the Alaska Edition High Adventure Log Cabins. These highly energy efficient log cabins are designed to only the toughest conditions of the north country of Alaska in mind. The log cabins are made to withstand the heavy snow and high winds of a blizzard, and the harsh high altitude temperatures of the Alaskan mountains. This is the sort of log cabin that will fit perfectly into any environment, regardless of where you build.

Looking at log homes and log cabins makes you feel like going away on a vacation, somewhere close to nature, in a location with lots of fresh air and scenic views. The sort of locations where you will find lots of log cabins, a place surrounded by mountains or beside a lake. There is just something about log cabins built from natural materials, and the great outdoors that go hand in hand. When you pick a log cabin or a log home to build you know you are selecting a home that is overall better for the environment. Logs come from trees, which are a renewable, and recyclable building material. When you purchase a log home kit from a company that believes in good environmental practices and sustainability you, in turn, are doing something good for the environment. Living in a log home can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills every year. That is because log cabins and log homes have something known as thermal mass. What this means is that logs that are used in a log home can store and hold the transfer of heat. This is also a property of stone and metal. So this feature makes wood very energy efficient. Wood and logs also have a natural insulating ability. So the thermal mass of a log allows it to absorb heat during the warmest part of the day and then return it to the log home during the cooler night.

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