A Smart Balance between Functionality and Aesthetics (Click for Floor Plan)

If you've been dreaming about a future log home build, the Doe Run Log Home Plan might just be for you. This modern log home offers rustic charm and beauty in a plan that has 2,296 square feet of living space. The log home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms on two floors. This log home plan combines both the warmth and livability of a modern log home with the log design of three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The Doe Run is the perfect log home floor plan for you and your family to start making cherished memories. On the main floor of this log home plan, you have an open Great room/dining room/kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and a covered porch. Upstairs you have the master bedroom, with a master bathroom and walk-in-closet, and a loft area that opens up to the space below. The stone fireplace in the Great room anchors the room and the upstairs dormer opens up the space and adds character.This is just one of the log home floor plans that you will see on the My Woodhome site. The log home site is a good place to start if log home living is something you are considering. On the site, you will find all that you need to get the ball rolling with a log home design. Log home topics you will find on the site include log home budgeting, maintaining a log home, log home floor plans, log home furnishings, and log home companies and products. On the My Woodhome site, you will find all sorts of log home companies to consider for a log home build.

On the site, you will also find an interactive quiz that helps to get you started on your log home journey because building the log home of your dreams is one of the most fulfilling and exciting adventures you will take. Building a log home can also be one of the most daunting tasks you will take on. So the site can help you on your way, by steering you in the right direction, and offering any help or suggestions along the way.

An important thing to think about when considering a log home build, is where you are going to build your future log home or log cabin. Will it be on a piece of property that is in a developed neighborhood? Or will you go with a raw piece of property? Something with fewer rules and regulations on what you can and cannot do. Both options have pros and cons that you will want to look into.

Did you know that choosing a log home over other types of home builds is also good for the environment? Home builders and buyers from around the world are realizing that a wood log home structure is a healthy, comfortable, has lower energy consumption and has better overall performance. A log home structure also reduces the impact of buildings on human health and the environment in regards to site selection, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and demolition.The use of more wood for building is a natural and easy way to make a difference for the environment. Wood reduces greenhouse gasses and stores carbons. A healthy sustainable forest is a readily available solution to climate change. On an average, an acre of healthy growing trees absorbs almost 3 tons of carbon dioxide and releases close to 2 tons of oxygen. As the growth in a tree slows and the tree ages, fewer carbons are absorbed. Log homes can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills, because of thermal mass. This means that a log home will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the warmer months.

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