A Masterpiece Made From Wood by Algena

When the famous yacht builders of Algena put their minds to something, you know the product will be phenomenal. These artists have mastered the techniques of luxury wood products. When you first look at this bathtub masterpiece made from wood by Algena, you are immediately captivated but the smooth lines and warmth from the natural wood finishing. The powerful ergonomic appeal of this personalized "wooden sculpture art" ensures that everyone that glances at it instantly wonders how it would feel to relax in the master craft before them. An instant focal point to any bathroom, these state of the art "wood veneers" are compressed together under high pressure then saturated with a special highly water resistant resin that can withstand the hardest conditions. As a result, this specialized resin guarantees a very long service life. The exclusivity of having a master yacht builder create a custom bathtub (that happens to be able to be turned into a Jacuzzi system) and a product that can be made with virtually any wood - your bathtub is a unique creations tailored to your specific individualized wishes.

The features of this superior product include: a design that is both ergonomical and comfortable for two people to enjoy, water resistant varnish - specially made to withstand the hardest conditions, a master-craft yacht design team, and the options of making it into a modern Jacuzzi? This is a bathtub of dreams! Additionally, these personalized bathtubs can be installed in a bathroom or a yacht! The special resin/varnish even ensures that if a couple of scratches were to appear, that they can be polished away again easily to restore the original grandeur. Although the custom tubs can be made from almost any conceivable wood, Algena uses certified wood that is from forests that have controlled reforestation and felling. This protects the natural resource and is a good business practice.

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