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Would you fancy the idea of building a handcrafted rustic guest cabin? Imagine how convenient and enjoyable it would be to have such a cabin. We are featuring a well-designed cabin here that we want to share with you. Let us get some details about this guest house. Let’s start!

This guest cabin is located in the southern part of California in USA. A barn was originally built in this place, behind the owner’s house. Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design are the ones who saved the barn by making it their inspiration in designing this beautiful guest cabin. The salvaged deodar cedar wood that are utilized in building this cabin are from sustainable local sources. The entire cabin is made of wood. It is handcrafted by Scott Constable. The cabin has a floor space of 714 sq.ft. It has its own fully equipped kitchen, parking spaces, a living room with a high ceiling, and a cozy dining area with a built-in seating and storage. There’s a little wooden stairs with a few steps that will lead you to the bedroom. The bathroom is located at the far end of the cabin. The wooden theme is carried throughout the cabin on floors, ceiling, and cabinetry as well as the window frames. The lightly colored interior walls give the perfect amount of wood to painted wall ratio. Anyway, the house’s simplistic exterior and interior gives the entire cabin its sophistication.

What a perfect guest cabin. There is nothing more ideal than to have friends and additional family come to spend weekends and holidays, and how wonderful to be able to provide a private guest cabin. The best of all worlds, having loved ones near but having some private space as well.

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Please support us by clicking here, and we will give you a free subscription to our Country Living magazine, thank you!!!

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