A Gallery of Jaw-Dropping Log Cabins with MUST See Interior Photos!

We are featuring A Gallery of Jaw-Dropping Log Cabins with MUST See Interior Photos! The company responsible for these beautiful homes is Flynn Log Homes, and they are located in Quebec, Canada.

Expect that you will be looking at homes of people that know what they are doing. With over 25 years of experience building hand crafted log homes from start to finish, James Flynn ensures nothing but the highest of quality. The logs used in these homes is Eastern white pine. The average log width in diameter is 30 inches. The company prides itself in its working relationships with its clients. These homes are built, and when delivered to your site, you can expect they will be there overseeing that the set up is properly executed.

As you view their gallery of homes inside and outside you will be very impressed with the fine workmanship and creativity in the projects. Their staircases and railings and not only sturdy, they are aesthetically appealing as well. Customization is what it is all about, and when you share your hopes and expectations the company will work with you to make it happen.

Flynn Log Homes has a section of house plans showing elevations and floorplan layout, along with pricing that you can view on their website. This is a very important step in the planning of your home as each family has different needs, and you want to be sure the home layout works for your needs.Not only does the company offer log home construction, they also do timber framing. Timber framing is an alternative method to using round logs.

To view the gallery and learn more please visit the 'Flynn Log Homes' website just below.

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