A Dream and a Fairy Tale Mixed Into Solid Wooden Practicle Reality

Tiny homes, especially in the form of log cabins, are becoming increasingly popular these days due to their cost-effectiveness and back-to-basics practicality. These space-saving miniature log cabins promote good healthy living, and allow for small families to live close to, and in perfect harmony with, Mother Nature. Not only do they make sense economically, but they can also be very beautiful – like this one! Made from top-quality, weather-resistant wood, its thermal retention qualities also make it very easy to heat. This little rustic home is a work of art. Wouldn’t you love to live here – or escape to a place like this on your weekends off? What a wonderful spot for a romantic getaway! The Little Log House Company specializes in making tiny, hand-crafted log homes like this one and their website offers many warm and welcoming designs to choose from.

Due to the great expense of buying and maintaining a home these days, not to mention the heavy burden of long-term mortgages, tiny log cabins are offering a very appealing alternative. They take up a very small amount of space, but when they’re ingeniously constructed, as these ones are, to manage space in all kinds of creative ways, you don’t even feel like you’re living in a small home!

These cabins are easily deposited in rural areas, where you can have the wild outdoors right outside your window. A beautiful, natural view is better than all the indoor space in the world. Wouldn’t you much rather live in a tiny home with a view than a large one that overlooks a parking lot? The Little Log House Company has taken the initiative in creating these mini-masterpieces, and due to an increasing public demand for these kinds of homes, we’ll be seeing many more unique designs like this in the future.

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