6 Tips for Better Results Growing Strawberries

Strawberries area so much fun to grow and are gaining popularity in hanging container baskets that anyone can take home and enjoy. Imagine picking your own fresh berries! Don't feel you need a big garden for this luscious fruit. You can get quite a lot of berries even from the container plantings. Strawberries are flexible fruits. They are ideal for smoothies, toppings, pastry filling, also ideal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverage and dessert! You name it; strawberries are a useful fruit. On the other hand, strawberries also contain high levels of vitamin C, manganese, fiber, iodine, folate, copper, potassium and biotin. With proper location, strawberries can easily be planted, and here are the growing methods that you need to learn:

1.Pick the right strawberry plant:

There are many types of strawberries out there. Pick the right strawberry you want to plant. Some strawberries do better when planted in a more limited space so they do not spend too much energy growing roots, and other varieties only produce in June!

2.The condition of the soil:

Now you know what type of strawberry you want to plant, next you need to know its soil. Strawberries are the enemy to where you have previously planted tomato, potato, pepper and eggplant, therefore, do not use the same soil to plant the strawberries. For better outcome, create your own soil with compost and use the right fertilizer.

3.Keep away from pests:

Watch out for snails, slugs, earwigs and sow bugs that eat away your strawberry plants. Protect your plants with porous weed material.

4.Proper watering:

The best way to water your strawberries is using the drip irrigation. This method of watering helps to keep the water directed to the fruits to reduce rotting. And since strawberries do not have deep roots the soil can easily become dry. Keep the soil moist during the entire growing period.

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