2-Ingredient Pineapple Dole Whips

If youre looking for a frozen treat to cool off with this summer, its far to easy to find something that won't also be high in calories and take a long time to make or set in the fridge or freezer. But this pineapple Dole whip (that is very much like the classic treat you can get at Disneyland) is only made from 2 very healthy ingredients. Nevertheless, those ingredients create a sweet, delightful treat that youll want to eat all summer long. Make this yourself and find out why it fits in so well in the happiest place on Earth. But, it wouldn't cost you nearly as much as buying them from Disney Land, which you have to love. They make the simplest things and jack up the prices, no wonder they make so much money! This would be an excellent treat to replace all of the ice cream bars from the ice cream truck, which can get expensive if you are purchasing them every day for your kids, or even every second day.

It's no secret that kids love their ice cream and their treats. If you had something like this to give them, maybe they wouldn't want the other more unhealthy desserts from the ice cream truck every day. These are even so affordable to make, that they would be able to share some of these with their friends they are playing with in the summer. Pineapples are a great source of bromine which is great for the immune system. It is also full of vitamin C, and has even more vitamin C than an orange. So while your kids are eating these treats, they are also getting a goo dose of vitamins! You gotta love that! This would be the perfect treat to cool down on a super hot day!

The recipe is on You Tube, which is a great source for anything How To or DIY. You can get some much inspiration from people who post their videos on You Tube. Its always nice to have a visual to follow when you are making anything. You can pause and play the video at your own pace, and see exactly how it is done, instead of wondering and just doing a trial and error process. This way, its like you actually have the person, in your house, teaching you how to make the recipe. So much easier than trying to look at a recipe book all of the time.

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