12 Insanely Clever Gardening Hacks

If you’re anything like us, you enjoy organic gardening and are always looking for ingenious new ways to enhance the entire experience – rather than take away from it. Gardening is a wonderful pastime, but it can be challenging at times! You’ll be happy to know we just found this great little article: “12 Insanely Clever Gardening Hacks,” that will not only make your gardening life easier, it will make it greener too!

Weeds are wonderfully resilient plants and they deserve a little respect for that reason; but let’s face it, they can really be a pain in the neck! Not only do they compete with our garden plants for light, but their roots can also choke them right out of their own home. And so, we don’t really want them thriving in our garden, and we don’t want to use heavy-duty chemicals to get rid of them, either. The answer? Well, have you ever thought about making your own earth-friendly weed killer? This article will show you how!

It’s true, if you go about gardening in the wrong way, it can really be a toxic affair – for you, your kids and pets, and the overall environment. We really need to consider all of our actions if we want to turn this situation around. This includes using natural, home-made products in our gardens that don’t tax the environment, as well as recycling “waste” into extremely useful items. It’s amazing what you can do with egg shells, for example.

“What, exactly, can you do with egg shells,” you ask? Well, you can crush them up in your blender and turn them into instant compost, for one thing. That’s right, egg shells can provide your gardening soil with all kinds of rich vitamins and minerals that will totally nourish your plants. Another wonderful thing you can do with egg shells is use the halves for your seedling “pots”. They are alarmingly adorable and amazingly efficient! Just fill the half-shell with seedling soil and plant the seedling in the middle – voila, you have a happy little seedling! And then, when it’s time to plant the seedling in your garden, all you’ve gotta do is dig a little hole and plop in the half-shell, seedling and all! As it grows, the plant will be “fed” by the decomposing shell. It’s quite brilliant, really. And good for your conscience as well. In this great article, you’ll also learn how to protect your most precious seedlings in so many wild and wonderful ways, using recycled plastic bottles, and even forks. And there are more natural potting ideas that will leave you wondering, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that myself?” They are really quite clever. This is an article you’ll want to have nearby at all times when gardening season comes around each year, and you’ll probably also want to share it with all of your pioneering and conscientious gardening friends too!

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